The “All Services Ball” (ASB) is a charity ball hosted by The HER Foundation of
Northwest Florida and is open to the public. It is the first ball of its kind to be
presented along the Gulf Coast. There will be a live band, dancing, and silent auction.

The ASB will honor our fallen who were killed during the attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola and those brave men and women who protected hundreds more…. We salute you and your families.

The goal of the “All Services Ball” is to bring together past and present members of the armed forces, law enforcement, and first responders. It is a celebration honoring those who heeded the call to serve and protect our nation and communities. The ASB is our way of thanking those who serve while adhering to the mission of The HER Foundation: to provide meals, lodging, access to medical care, and job placement services for women veterans who are homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.

Female veterans are the fastest growing number of homeless veterans, and this number will increase by 2% each year. 1 out of 3 female veterans compared to 1 out of 10 male veterans will endure some form of homelessness this year. The HER Foundation’s vision is to provideshelter and restore hope, honor, and dignity in every female veteran who seeks comfort, support, and assistance through our programs.


The ASB is open to veterans, active duty, reservist, retired,
or separated and their guests, as well as civilian, supporting
arms, and the general public. All proceeds from the ASB and
silent auction will support the continuing efforts of The HER
Foundation to provide services, a place to call home through
our Faith House, and much needed transportation.


No woman veteran should be homeless.