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COVID-19 Guidelines

The HER Foundation wants to ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience at the All Services Ball. We want to ensure ever guests safety as they attend the event and have developed guidelines for attendance. With these guidelines in place and with your help we will be able to maintain a COVID-19 safe environment.

COVID-19 Vaccinations / Entry Screenings

COVID Vaccinations are not required for entrance to the event.

Guests are NOT required to go through enhanced screening, but ADVISED to not attend events at the venue IF they have been exposed to or show symptoms of COVID-19

If you are feeling sick or experiencing cold/flu like symptoms, please refrain from attending the ball. 

Hand Sanitization

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and signage identifying these locations will be VISIBLE throughout the event space in high touch point areas to include, but not limited to, points of entry, and restrooms

Face Coverings (PPE)

This is an indoor/outdoor event we recommend all guests vaccinated or unvaccinated wear face coverings for your safety. Those who prefer to not wear Personal Protective Equipment such as masks do so at no fault of The HER Foundation.


Where applicable, disposable gloves will be provided for the handling of self-serve food items. Disposable cups will be available at each bar location.


Bottled water will be available upon request.


ADDITIONAL sanitizing measures have been added BEFORE the event.

Cleaning products are included in the U.S. EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy for effective cleaning disinfectants. Disinfecting wipes will be made available to clean any spills.

Guest Reminders

Entry Signage will be displayed at entry points to the venue to ADVISE guests against attending if they have traveled outside of the county, have had a fever within the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone who was COVID-19 positive

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